why would you need casting iron

Application of casting iron is on larger scale and holds various unique properties when compared to other types of metal casting. It is definitely better than casting steel and it is used in various manufacturing industries. Cast iron can also be classified into malleable and ductile cast iron. The main benefit of cast iron cookware is an even heating area; therefore there are lots of application areas for this resultant metal.

Need and requirement of casting iron

· Cast iron has higher strength at reduced costs. They also have higher strength and ductility and are stiffer than pure iron; therefore it is used in different types of factories.

· The properties of a metal like hardness, tensile strength and microstructure alter its mach inability. Hence, it can be used in a number of industries for manufacturing numerous products.

· Metal Castings are used mainly for iron and steel.

· It has Lower electric conductivity

· When cooking with cast iron pots, some of the iron will leach into your food and into your body upon consumption, preventing problems occur from deficiency of iron into your body.

· Though it is expensive, it offers good flexibility in designing and has short delivery time.